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Now & Then: Press n Curl Untexturized & Texturized

My cheesy photoshop :-)

This is probably for my reference than anything else. How my hair looked then pressed with a texturizer & now w/o the texturizer. My hair was easy to press with a flat iron @ home when I had the texturizer & now… any little bit of moisture (if I do it myself) will cause instant frizz! However, it was way more fragile & broke lots & just like with perm if you don’t keep up your texturizer–you will look crazy with the new growth & the chemically treated hair will break, snapping off at the last touch up point.

I love my new do! Will I press on a regular basis, no. But my hair needed a great condition & trim. Would I like to just leave my hair and let it sprout and grow uncontrollably… wellll no not really… so therefore, it needs maintenance. I went to G’s Urban Hair Salon @ St. Marks & Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. This is a classy salon. It looked like it had been designed by Tabitha herself!

The service was great & my appointment worked… my appointment. No more of those walk in and wait… or “Oh come at 3pm.” :-/ Then you come down and you are there from 3pm until 10pm smh. NO more of that. If you can’t respect my time then you don’t deserve my money! My stylist Joel an energetic handsome young man communicated well with me, was personable & gave me a fabulous everything… wash, condition, blow dry, press, trim & curl! I left feeling wonderful- time & money well spent. We talked about getting some highlights … we’ll see… something exciting is coming for the summer 🙂


Black Currant Oil, A hair & skin problem solver?

I was browsing through the natural hair blogs & websites last night for a long time. I decided on one thing that I’m not going to do. That’s be a serial product tester,demonstrator & commentator. Granted, I’ve used my share of products & I have lots to say about them … soon soon… but some folks just do it better. There are a myriad of YouTube videos that I will continue to post my favorites on the FaceBook page. But I’m just not wasting my money, esp on products when I KNOW won’t work.

Idk if it’s because I’m getting older, but I have a slight OCD with my skin, hair & body shape. The only way to remedy this without the occasional shot of Botox is to examine what’s going on internally. One of my recent finds is Back Currant Oil. I found information on Dr. Weil’s site.

Black Currant Oil is is oil pressed from black currant seeds. It is available as gel caps (hate hard pills anyway). Look for ones containing at least 45 mg of GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). GLA is an essential fatty acid & according to Dr. Weil it may help lessen a variety of symptoms:
* Autoimmune disorders (including lupus, eczema, and psoriasis)
* Hair problems including dryness, brittleness, thinning, or splitting
* Nail problems such as weak or brittle nails
* Premenstrual syndrome
* Inflammatory disorders

The oil should be taken internally & topical forms should be avoided. Because I’m not suffering from any of these symptoms, I’m not going to add this to my supplement regimen. Esp. b/c I just started taking Natural Green powder (1 scoop) in the morning to get part of my fruit & vegetable daily servings in.

However, adding Black Currant Oil may help people who aren’t getting the desired results from a diet change & supplements. Dr. Weil on

RusticBeauty On Youtube Read My Mind!

I LOVE her rant. I spoke about this before mineral oil, petroleum– this is crap for your hair & skin! Many of these products that we see around the corner in our neighborhoods are CRAP. I’d rather go and get Paul Mitchell (Straight Works pomade is FABULOUS even on natural hair) or Aveda or Sebastian, b/c these products have quality ingredients & ’nuff time was spent in the laboratory perfecting these formulas.

Also, I talk about the importance of your DIET, WATER intake & VITAMINS for hair growth. The ONLY over the counter product approved & proven to “grow hair” is Rogaine. Period. I’ve always used GNC Ultra Mega Women’s Vitamin supplement in combination with diet (and random exercise lol) which will enable me to be the healthiest that I can be.

Always look for quality products like organic extra virgin coconut oil (which will shine up ya body too :-D). Yes, at times it’s more expensive but you usually have to use less. Remember that just b/c it’s a “black” product doesn’t mean that it’s any better for you than Crisco! Don’t be fooled. If you love organic as I do there are plenty of brands out there that work wonders. I wrote about Karen’s Body Beautiful (not tried yet but its all organic) today, for example. Don’t make mediocre stylists recommend mediocre crap to you either 🙂


Karen’s Body Beautiful … A new find

Shout out to Black Enterprise for featuring powerful black business women! I picked up my copy featuring Ursula Burns (new CEO of Xerox an S&P 100 company only black woman to do this!!) on the newsstand the other day & came across an article written by Tamara Holmes about Karen Tappin’s store in Brooklyn, NY called Karen’s Body Beautiful.

Karen is one of those great entrepreneurs living her dream and “making it” while doing what she loves to do. This is my first time hearing of her store and products but when I do get to pay a visit to the store, I’ll be sure to report!

However, seems she has been making natural skin & hair products for for a long time. She also offers spa services too! I’m excited to check out the store, but in the mean time the website will have to do:

Texturizers, the Devil or Not?

I think texturizers are the devil if you have hair longer than 1 inch long on your head! Again, this is my personal experience. After a nicely put suggestion that I put up more pictures 🙂 here’s one 🙂 In the picture below, you can see the difference in my hair with and w/o the chemicals. Keep in mind that the full length of my hair is the same in both of these pictures. The one one the right was take a few months ago & my hair is a bit longer–but with natural there is always shrinkage anyway.

To this day, I regret putting a texturizer in my hair. Yes, it “loosened the curl” but it also made my hair break more. I remember days in the bathroom combing my hair and hearing *snap crackle pop* and seeing my hair all over the floor! It’s a wonder that I even HAD hair left!

I got a texturizer after my former stylist recommended it to me. In the back of my mind I knew she was lazy & really the process was more to make her job easier smh. Long story short, when I finally decided to get rid of the texturizer (after about 3 or 4 months)– I went to a salon and told the man please just give me a nice cut, I’m growing my hair out & want to get rid of as much damage & hair as possible. So, he gave me this fabulous bob… I loved it! This is style is a definite option if I cut my hair (or buy a wig!).

The last thing that I just couldn’t stand about the texturizer was that God Awful burning feeling that is JUST like a PERM! While my edges are on fire, I’m thinking “Isn’t this why I stopped perming in the 1st place??” That is my rant on texturizers. Can’t stand ’em; won’t do ’em; don’t want ’em.

Burt’s Bees Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey & Shea Butter

Now I know that I’m even happier that I bought this product… on the home page there is a lovely black woman with a perfect smile 🙂 I’m really being picky about supporting businesses that do not encourage nor reflect diversity.

Can I tell you that I just want to nibble on myself when I use this product! I bought this along with my Nutiva Coconut Oil over the weekend. I’d tried Burt’s Bees Peppermint & Rosemary body wash before. OH I NEVER wanted to leave the shower! I always saw the brand in my college bookstore… but never understood or wanted to know what the extra strategic placement was about.

I checked this product out in Target. Hmmm Rosemary & Peppermint, that must smell great. Took 2 whiffs & the rest is history… I’ve got my credit card out right now while looking at the site online The stuff just melts on your skin. Smooth to apply, not hard where you have to sit and melt it like pure shea butter. Burt’s Bees is another brand that is really dedicated to making QUALITY products but staying as natural as possible.

This Shea & Honey Body Butter is enriched with mango butter, aloe and Vitamin E to soothe dry, irritated skin. I can’t wait to go home, shower and apply!

Nutiva Coconut Oil

I’d been wanting to try Coconut Oil for the longest. However, in my quest to find the purest, healthiest, bestest out there–that just wasted time and energy. All I had to do was go to the health food store and pick one up! Well, I still researched Nutiva’s.. it was a cross between buying Nutiva & Dr. Mercola’s coconut oil. From what I read Nutiva has this coconut oil (organic stuff) down to a science 😉 I was very impressed at how well the oil is processed and making sure it’s as close to nature as possible.

Dr. Mercola also has the organic process down to a science & I do believe much of what he says & the research he does. However, it just so happened that I found Nutiva @ the store first. Also, you can find a wealth of research with Dr. Andrew Weil’s site He has been a leader in vitamin and health research.

What I did with my coconut oil 😮 Well, I put some in my hair with Sebastian Laminates frizz free serum and did some wet twists. Wow, my hair felt terrrrrrrrrific. So soft and spongy. The curls were perfect–even though I always tease them out afterward. Just wow! There was no overpowering smell with the coconut oil… it smells like coconut (pastry like– a currant roll specifically) that I loved (I HATE strong overpowering scents–just a headache for me). Next, I used the coconut oil on my skin…doubllly wow! It just melts, literally… love that-gave my skin a nice glow and I know it’s fighting this winter ash! Not to mention, the antibacterial effect of coconut oil.

Last but certainly not least (and this has nothing to do with hair, unless the coconut oil gets absorbed into my blood stream and makes my hair grow thicker….) I put 2 tbsp into about 3 cups of brown rice. I don’t recommend eating lots of coconut oil & really I was supposed to use the coconut milk… but just couldn’t resist. Lovely coconut flavor on my rice & I ate it with an Indian spinach and tofu dish for lunch. Awesome!

Still not a fan of grated coconut b/c I don’t like the consistency. I’m just weird like that. But coconut oil & milk… are awesome in my book!