Welcome to a blog that’s been a long time in the making! This blog is a great start for us & for you in the New Year. Writing is like therapy and for us it will help us dig back and remember the good, great, bad and ugly that we’ve gone through with our hair. You’re hostesses are Ayirus & Akiko! Two sisters who have been natural for about 90% of our lives. The journey has been long, accepting, loving and managing our hair, but we’re not looking back only forward!


Akiko: I’m 28 years young 🙂 natural from birth to age 15 (when I let my older cousin sneak the perm in … knew my mother wouldn’t have stood for it!) From age 15 to about 22 I was natural. Then, at age 24, I allowed my stylist (lazy) to texturize my hair. However since age 25 or 26 I’ve been purely natural– no texturizer, no color, no bleach etc.


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