Why am I quailified to write this?

Am I a licensed hair dresser? No. However, I have years of experience with my hair and it’s a different texture than my sister’s. My hair is more coarse and probably more of a familiar texture to black women. Growing up, few black hair dressers (or ones I could find) really dealt with natural hair. My most common styles growing up were the afro puffs until I learned to braid & then I learned to press.

Wow, I’m so glad to be done with that good ol Blue Magic hair grease. Anything labeled grease, I don’t want to eat let alone put on my hair or skin. Speaking of which, one of the benefits of going natural was the absence of greasy & oily chemicals on my hair AND on my skin! I’ve always had terribly sensitive skin, prone to severe acne & there’s nothing like Blue Magic & other full fat greases to clog your pores– Nightmare!!

Some of my favorite products to use in my hair (and we will be reviewing several) are not “black” or “African” hair products. I don’t get all crazy over shea & coco butter, honey, etc etc for my hair. I just love quality products where ever they happen to come from. In that sense, you can say that I’m not totally natural. I will not chemically alter my hair, but I do use “chemicals” such as pomades in my hair.

I promise to give my honest opinion on any products that I write about, the smell, the feel, the texture etc. In addition to sensitive skin, I’ve got a sensitive nose and while some products smell good, if you have to apply a substantial amount (usually you do for my hair) you can smell like an open bottle of that stuff– which will give me a headache. Ugh! I like very fresh scents and really very very soft scents nothing overpowering.

Since, I’m a total lipstick junkie– I will probably throw in a suggestion or two 😉 I know Ayirus will tell you more about her adventures in makeup land too 😀



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