Dry Scalp? This is how to wash it.

Have you ever been to the hair dresser and  thought that you got a fabulous wash, only to come home to find little white flecks on your black tunic top? Not cool! In my last post I told you that my favorite shampoo to use is Head & Shoulders. This post I’m going to tell you how I wash my hair to prevent dry scalp.

First,  “greasing” my scalp never did anything but weigh my hair down, give me acne and make my head itch more. These days, I may put a light oil on my scalp but part of the real key to keeping a healthy scalp is in the shampoo and the wash.

I start off by lightly detangling my hair and parting it into about 8 sections. Using a spray bottle, I spray a mix of 80% water and 20% leave in conditioner (you have to be careful b/c the hair is fragile both dry and then when wet). This is not to saturate the hair but make it a little over damp.

Next, I apply a generous amount of Head & Shoulders to directly to my scalp and rub into my scalp with my fingertips. You will see that it’s lightly sudsy, this is good. Keep rubbing it in for a few minutes and let it sit on the scalp for about 10 to 15 minutes and rinse. Then, follow up with a second wash that will further cleanse the scalp and the hair.

I start with the H&S on my scalp to prevent drying out and over washing my hair. Usually, I wash my hair about once a week or once every two weeks. This prevents excess buildup, keeps my hair clean and my pores happy. Part of the trickle down effect of hair products is that they can seep onto your skin and cause break out. Great washing, is essential to healthy hair and skin. After all, the scalp is skin isn’t it?



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