Oils & Serums for “Dry” hairstyles

This is a follow up to the post I wrote when I didn’t have my fav shampoo & cond so I substituted Selsun Blue & Pantene Relaxed and Natural. Well after the conditioner,  my hair still felt pretty soft and manageable. So, I was going to spend the entire evening doing tiny 2 strand twists… ahh but I decided I had other things to attend to. My solution & a new product.

One of my consistent favorites is John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Serum. This little bottle is a perfect formula to use on wet hair or dry hair to get the most out of the press. While my hair was damp I applied about 7 squirts of the serum all over my hair, making sure to rub it in well. Then, I used my paddle brush to detangle my hair. I use a paddle brush with plastic bristles and wow what a find. It can be a hot mess to detangle natural hair with a comb. I part my hair in about 8 big sections and start with the ends  brush the hair until tangles are gone. Do some big 2 strand twists & pin to hold each section.

Once all the hair is sectioned, detangled and twisted up. I go back over and loosen a section at a time and put about 4 twists in to stay. (I’m going to release these later) So it doesn’t have to be quite neat. When it’s not as tight at the root, it fluffs better … if you like it a bit big and toussled like I do. If not, opt to do neater, tigter twists.

Today, I used this Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil. The consistency is just like almost any other oil. It wasn’t greasy, but it was “oily” the label says that it can be used on body, cuticles, scalp etc. There are some good oils like soy, olive, jojoba etc. No real scent, which is good for people like me. It’s easy for a scent to be overpowering for me & just give me a headache. On each twist it only takes a tap of the finger in some oil, rub through and sometimes a tip more on the ends.

Oil on the ends of the hair and deep conditioning are not substitutes for getting your ends trimmed. Even with natural hair you can still feel when the ends are frizzy or coarser than the rest of your hair. It’s time for a trim. Today, my ends felt a bit coarse, so I applied that tip more oil to the ends.

I’m going out tonight, so we’ll see how well this Africa’s Oil worked to keep my hair hydrated, frizz free and looking good…. until next time 🙂


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