Vitamins the Real Key to “Good Hair”

Good nutrition is often talked about but sometimes rarely practiced. However, great nutrition will cause your hair to grow like crazy– full, healthy, strong. Indulging in a poor diet will not help your hair to reach it’s best length and strength. I don’t pretend to eat my 5 servings of GREEN vegetables and fruits every single day, but I make sure to try to get it all in. Try juicing fresh vegetables and fruits to help you get all of the good stuff in. Also, fish is great. Snapper, salmon, mackerel, herring are all great choices to get in all those fatty acids & high quality proteins.

It’s important to know that we’re not talking about the fried whiting fillet or Japanese fried tempura or apple pie for quality vitamins :-/ The key is to put high quality foods into your body for optimal health, which is reflected in your skin and hair. A great diet will also remedy a lot of the dryness of natural hair.  Dry hair suffers from breakage more than normal.

One option IN ADDITION to eating healthy foods is to take a vitamin supplement. Some studies say that vitamins don’t work, some say they do. I will tell you my experience and what I take.Honestly, when my diet is poor I don’t get the growth that I should get. But when I’m exercising, eating right and taking a supplement all is well and my hair seems to sprout like crazy! Seriously. I take 3 supplements:

  • GNC Ultra Mega for Women (1 w/lunch)
  • CoQ10 (1 w/breakfast)
  • Cod Liver Oil (1 capsule w/breakfast)

That’s been my daily regimen for almost the past year. In the store, choosing vitamins can be overwhelming and you can talk to your doctor or nutritionist to find out what works better. I’ve also found that my nails grow longer and stronger when I take my vitamins. You will probably notice that change first. Vitamins are not a supplement for good nutrition. I don’t think the average person needs more than this for supplements — don’t overdo.

Please, remember to drink your water! I really cut out sodas and juices (although I love pomegranate juice & iced tea) Just have an all around key healthy lifestyle and you will see the results. Remember to be consistent. I’m sure I’ll talk more about this later– b/c really it’s so important!


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