Growing your hair…

Someone approached me today about my hair. He is a new guy and perhaps didn’t know that my hair was natural, as I’ve been wearing straight weaves for the past 2 months. Today my hair is in a distinctly untamed curly afro (I like it wild).

He asked me if I’ve ever tried using avocado, honey & something else I can’t remember. I gave him a slightly perplexed look. I know natural products are great and getting closer to nature in this chemically dependent society is essential… however, I’m not putting honey nor avocado in my hair. I can just see the resulting sticky hot mess in my hair and me suffering through getting plant bits out of my thick hair.

He advised me to try this route b/c it will make my hair grow faster. B/c of “shrinkage” or just curliness, maybe he didn’t realize how long my hair really is or he was just trying to be friendly. I thanked him for his advice… I always appreciate comments & suggestions. Will I always follow them– nope!

My solid belief is that hair grows stronger and faster when you have a healthy diet full of protein, green vegetables, water & certain supplements. We can apply all the product and root stimulator to our scalps but growth starts from within. PERIOD.


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