Lace Front Wigs

I love my hair. But, sometimes, I just want to tuck it away to never never land. No twisting, no plaiting, no cornrows at night. Some nights I just want to put it up in a pony tail, throw a silk scarf on and call it a night. Is this so wrong? Let’s be honest, natural hair is high maintenance. At least, IMHO if you want it to hold a certain style. Even with twists, I find myself in the mirror retwisting and pinning and oiling etc.

So the other night, I was online looking for something to do to my hair where I could keep it protected. I also didn’t want to do a full head weave, my hair won’t keep a pony tail & braids are cool but looking for something different this time around.

I’ve never worn a wig, well– once I had a blue wig for a party… Anyway, I said let me check out lace front wigs

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