Birth Control & Hair Loss

As I’ve described in a past post that I’ve always had “problem skin” which lately has been driving me nuts. I’m already using products prescribed by my dermatologist. Who is great, but just too busy- and I don’t think really understands my skin. I don’t breakout as much as I used to but whenever a pimple comes up, it goes away pretty quickly. The lagging problem is the dark mark that’s left on my face that takes weeks to really go away.

I really don’t want to get on stronger antibiotics/tetracycline’s that will potentially irritate my skin. My Dad always talks about changing my diet and the nutritionist always talks about my blood. Poor me! I’m not giving up cheese & just don’t have that kind of time to always eat organic products. I say cheese b/c the hormones (really dairy & meat) some say are linked to acne.

Ok key word hormones. What better product to regulate hormones than birth control? Ortho-Tricyclen and Yaz are the two that I found that can improve moderate acne. I will make sure to report what my Dr. says about both medicines & which one I will choose.

On the downside, while these medicines can regulate hormones & help clear up skin, they can potentially cause hair loss. The American Hair Loss Association recommends that all women interested in using birth control pills should only use a low-androgen index birth control pill. If there is a genetic predisposition for hair loss then this may not be the option for you. Read more on their website

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