Effortless curls?

I’m writing about this but I can’t actually vouch for this method but it seems that it would work well on curly styles, no matter how tight the curl. I was watching What Not to Wear yesterday (a lot happened yesterday) and a woman came to the stylist with bleached, rough, loosely curly hair that was uneven, unhealthy and just terribly damaged. She hadn’t been to a salon in over 3 years (I thought I was bad) and had been doing her own “styling” at home.

The stylist suggested that she cut off her hair 😀 that was the best advice that anyone could give to her. He covered up all that process with some chestnut browns throughout and gave her an angled cut with a little curl allowed to frame her face. I appreciated that his first instinct was not to straighten her hair, but to allow her to keep her natural curls.

His method. After rinsing out the deep conditioner, he applied mousse (which gives hair volume and allows it to hold a style) and then he applied a frizz serum (I like Frizz Ease by John Frieda). Then, he combed through the hair and dried it with a diffuser. The diffuser was great because it didn’t fluff out the style like a conventional sit down dryer nor did it give that wind blown look that a blow dryer would have produced.

The diffuser seemed perfect for the curly style & I’ll make it a point to pick one up. The less heat on my hair the better.


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3 responses to “Effortless curls?

  • Kinky Rhonnie

    I personally think that the mousse would further dry out her hair.

    He should have recommended a leave in conditioner, moisturizer, then a non drying styler. lol

    • Akiko

      I had to follow up on this one… I am waiting for a reply from Ted Gibson on Twitter (hopefully he’ll check it) to see what kind of mousse he uses.

  • Akiko

    He practically chopped off all of it. I can’t remember if he used a leave-in… but I suppose for her hair the mousse is not something for everyday but occasional styling.

    What do you mean a non-drying styler?

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