My views on Dominican Salons

There are 3 types of experiences that I’ve had with Dominican salons. First, when my hair was permed. Second, when my hair was not permed. Third, when I found a Dominican woman who specialized in natural hair -twists, locs, color etc.

A friend invited me to “become a fan” of the Huetiful Hair Dryer on Facebook. I accepted at first but then after reading their information, I decided to remove myself. When my hair was permed, I was a fan of Dominican salons- quick wash & wrap-blow out if needed.

Then came my horror story. One day, I walked out of the house in my neighborhood in search of a Dominican salon. Now my neighborhood is predominantly people of color. It wasn’t my first choice to go to a Dominican salon b/c what would they know when basically all they do is wash & wrap straight and very wavy hair? Nevertheless, following a friends advice, I visited about 5 different salons and NONE of them would do my hair.

I was so disturbed by this, I vowed never to head back into a Dominican salon. Only one friend with natural hair goes to a Dominican salon for a press and curl but her hair is not as thick and coarse as mine.

Now that I’m thinking of it, I’m not sure how I found a Dominican woman who specialized in natural hair. She used to do twists & bleaching in my hair. I had to leave her when she tried to make me sit with this burning bleach in my hair. Saying it’ll be ok, it’ll be ok. Yeah right! I was furious! She washed my hair out & that was the last time visiting her and any Dominican salon for that matter.

Because more women are choosing natural hair, perhaps some of these salons have trained their employees to style my type of hair?


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