Nutiva Coconut Oil

I’d been wanting to try Coconut Oil for the longest. However, in my quest to find the purest, healthiest, bestest out there–that just wasted time and energy. All I had to do was go to the health food store and pick one up! Well, I still researched Nutiva’s.. it was a cross between buying Nutiva & Dr. Mercola’s coconut oil. From what I read Nutiva has this coconut oil (organic stuff) down to a science 😉 I was very impressed at how well the oil is processed and making sure it’s as close to nature as possible.

Dr. Mercola also has the organic process down to a science & I do believe much of what he says & the research he does. However, it just so happened that I found Nutiva @ the store first. Also, you can find a wealth of research with Dr. Andrew Weil’s site He has been a leader in vitamin and health research.

What I did with my coconut oil 😮 Well, I put some in my hair with Sebastian Laminates frizz free serum and did some wet twists. Wow, my hair felt terrrrrrrrrific. So soft and spongy. The curls were perfect–even though I always tease them out afterward. Just wow! There was no overpowering smell with the coconut oil… it smells like coconut (pastry like– a currant roll specifically) that I loved (I HATE strong overpowering scents–just a headache for me). Next, I used the coconut oil on my skin…doubllly wow! It just melts, literally… love that-gave my skin a nice glow and I know it’s fighting this winter ash! Not to mention, the antibacterial effect of coconut oil.

Last but certainly not least (and this has nothing to do with hair, unless the coconut oil gets absorbed into my blood stream and makes my hair grow thicker….) I put 2 tbsp into about 3 cups of brown rice. I don’t recommend eating lots of coconut oil & really I was supposed to use the coconut milk… but just couldn’t resist. Lovely coconut flavor on my rice & I ate it with an Indian spinach and tofu dish for lunch. Awesome!

Still not a fan of grated coconut b/c I don’t like the consistency. I’m just weird like that. But coconut oil & milk… are awesome in my book!


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