RusticBeauty On Youtube Read My Mind!

I LOVE her rant. I spoke about this before mineral oil, petroleum– this is crap for your hair & skin! Many of these products that we see around the corner in our neighborhoods are CRAP. I’d rather go and get Paul Mitchell (Straight Works pomade is FABULOUS even on natural hair) or Aveda or Sebastian, b/c these products have quality ingredients & ’nuff time was spent in the laboratory perfecting these formulas.

Also, I talk about the importance of your DIET, WATER intake & VITAMINS for hair growth. The ONLY over the counter product approved & proven to “grow hair” is Rogaine. Period. I’ve always used GNC Ultra Mega Women’s Vitamin supplement in combination with diet (and random exercise lol) which will enable me to be the healthiest that I can be.

Always look for quality products like organic extra virgin coconut oil (which will shine up ya body too :-D). Yes, at times it’s more expensive but you usually have to use less. Remember that just b/c it’s a “black” product doesn’t mean that it’s any better for you than Crisco! Don’t be fooled. If you love organic as I do there are plenty of brands out there that work wonders. I wrote about Karen’s Body Beautiful (not tried yet but its all organic) today, for example. Don’t make mediocre stylists recommend mediocre crap to you either šŸ™‚


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