Now & Then: Press n Curl Untexturized & Texturized

My cheesy photoshop :-)

This is probably for my reference than anything else. How my hair looked then pressed with a texturizer & now w/o the texturizer. My hair was easy to press with a flat iron @ home when I had the texturizer & now… any little bit of moisture (if I do it myself) will cause instant frizz! However, it was way more fragile & broke lots & just like with perm if you don’t keep up your texturizer–you will look crazy with the new growth & the chemically treated hair will break, snapping off at the last touch up point.

I love my new do! Will I press on a regular basis, no. But my hair needed a great condition & trim. Would I like to just leave my hair and let it sprout and grow uncontrollably… wellll no not really… so therefore, it needs maintenance. I went to G’s Urban Hair Salon @ St. Marks & Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. This is a classy salon. It looked like it had been designed by Tabitha herself!

The service was great & my appointment worked… my appointment. No more of those walk in and wait… or “Oh come at 3pm.” :-/ Then you come down and you are there from 3pm until 10pm smh. NO more of that. If you can’t respect my time then you don’t deserve my money! My stylist Joel an energetic handsome young man communicated well with me, was personable & gave me a fabulous everything… wash, condition, blow dry, press, trim & curl! I left feeling wonderful- time & money well spent. We talked about getting some highlights … we’ll see… something exciting is coming for the summer 🙂


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