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Golf shirts, Leggings & Converse Jack Purcell Distressed Sneakers

So, I’m all ready for spring & I’ve been slowly updating my work wardrobe. During the day, I work for a prestigious medical center, but at night and on weekends I work on my blog & t-shirt website It’s a great love of mine to express my creativity and design products for many different interests and people.

I think every summer, I change up my style- my hair, make up, clothes– There are definitely pieces of clothing that I’ve hung on to for years, b/c they will never go out of style & I’ve got lots of love for them. Well on my site, I’m able to create designs and people can choose different tees, apparel & awesome gifts. Most importantly, there are a ton of eco friendly products to choose from… there are organic tees for men, women & children. Also, there are SIGG eco-friendly water bottles for on the go folks & ceramic travel mugs for coffee & tea (I love my coffee mmm).

Well back to the original point about changing up my style for the summer. I’m going with a slightly preppy look of golf shirts (and you’ve got to pop your collar –adds a lil pizzazz), leggings, hair bows & Converse sneakers. Totally relaxed, cute & well put together. Well here are some of my picks for the summer:

Simple, cute details


Anthropologie basic black leggings

Love these!


What I’m reading…

I did a quick search on the internet for some information about Black hair — kind of like a then and now. More specifically, I felt like we focus so much on the present & maybe… go back to the 60’s or 70’s when afro’s were all the rage in protest of poverty, racism but also a Black is Beautiful movement. But I’ve realized that I don’t know much about what slaves used to do with their hair.

How was hair styled during slavery. Frequently, it seems like we see images of slaves with head scarves or hair that is just plain unkempt — for obvious reasons. But I want to dig deeper into what our ancestors used to do. What did the men do with their hair? How did mother’s style their little girl’s hair?

So here are a few links of interest & I’m going to read the article (b/c it’s a .pdf) and order the book from

The article called, Slave Hair and African American Culture in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, by Shane White & Graham White was published in the Journal of Southern History: Vol. 61, No. 1 (Feb., 1995), pp. 45-76.

Available of

The book I found, Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America (Paperback), by Ayana Byrd & Laurie Tharps seems like a good read as it covers “social, cultural and economic significance of African-American hair from 1400 to the present,” which is exactly what I’m looking for.

I hope you join me in reading these great finds and telling me about your great finds in the process!

Okkkk So I have to make an addition to this post! I was just able to read a few pages of this book, courtesy of Thank God I’m Natural–The Ultimate Guide to Caring for and Maintaining Natural Hair (Paperback)~ Chris-Tia Donaldson.

Happy Reading!

Moroccan Oil, the New Savior?

Well I don’t know about all that. I have heard & read great reviews, especially for the Moroccan Intense Hydrating Mask Buy from (guaranteed authentic) Joel (yes we talked all day Sunday while he did my hair) said that it’s really for people with VERY damaged hair. Also, because it is pricey @ $35 a jar for this stuff, you can take a little bit and mix with your favorite conditioner.

But if your hair is hydrated & healthy you really don’t need to spend your money on this products. This could be a good buy for the winter, since many of us natural hair girls, experience more frizz & dryness during this brutal season.

However, remember to take care of inside with a supplement, enough water & a healthy diet (including exercise!) and your hair will love you back. Healthy hair will also hold your style better & remember to get your hair trimmed when you need it.

haha love your hair & your hair will love you back!

“Not everything works for everyone”

“Not everything works for everyone & I don’t want to hear about what your girlfriend uses,” Joel… my new hair dresser @ G’s Urban Hairstyles an Aveda salon in Brooklyn. We had a great chat as he gave the best wash I’ve ever had. I’m rockin a full head weave right now & if you’ve ever had one … you know the benefits of someone with firm hands massaging your head. I’m just over the tightness & the instant face lift is fading. Luckily for me, I still have a ton of collagen & firmness left in my skin (& my vitamins don’t hurt either… neither does my sleeping habit-I’ve been sleeping a ton more)

Anyway, what he said was SO simple but made so much sense! This is why I’m NOT a product junkie! I’ve said from Day 1 that I would not spend my time and money trying inferior products. I give it to the other ladies out there who are on a quest to find that perfect product. However, I like to go with products that are quality & you know will do something for you b/c the ingredients are superior. Some of that beauty shop crap is nothing more than corn oil :-/

Joel also made the point that so many of his clients come to him & say “oh it worked for my girlfriend…” He says that he quickly cuts them off! Why? Because just because something works on her hair does not mean that it will work well on your hair! My sister, has a wavier thicker head of hair & we both use Paul Mitchell products but she can usually get away with something like Slick Works- just a shine serum, whereas I have to use Wax Works for extra hold b/c my hair is kinkier & will frizz quickly.

So in your quest for the perfect products, remember that not everything works for everyone & yes sometimes you can listen to your girlfriend– but also pay attention to your girlfriend’s hair. Is it like yours? Is it healthy? What’s her real regimen? If you do listen to your girlfriend, listen to the one with healthy hair but still be an independent thinker.

LADY GAGA’s Epic New Video For “Telephone” to Debut Exclusively on E! News, Thursday 3/11 at 11:30pm

I for 1 can NOT wait!! to see this video! I’ve been playing Lady Gaga’s album all day and all night… never getting tired of the few select songs that I love. My favorite is “Paper Gangster” .. I just love it! The video will make its online debut at midnight that evening on VEVO.comand

Now Lady Gaga does not have anything to do with natural black kinky hair– as such– but at the same time she reminds me of Whoopi (she needs a separate post) b/c of her confidence & her FU attitude. You love me, You hate me but I’m smart sexy talented and going to let the world know it. Alive or Dead!

Lady Gaga will consistently out-do herself & many artists to come. Her voice is beautiful & her style wacky at time, even a little freaky (enter Bad Romance video) but I love her music & can’t wait to see this video. I can’t put this album down!

“Telephone (The Remixes)” is available now on iTunes:

Connect with Lady Gaga
The Fame Monster – Out now!
Streamline/KonLive/Cherrytree/Interscope Records

Beyonce will be in the video too … but this one is really not about Bey this time…

Ted Gibson

Mr. Gibson was kind enough on twitter to share with me the name of the products he uses on curly hair. I’ve watched him style curly hair on TLC’s What Not To Wear & he is fabulous at taming curly hair. That’s ANY kind of curly hair. I asked him what he used on twitter & he was gracious enough to reply… (I feel like sometimes you never know) but perhaps his persona is just as kind in real life as it is on TV.

So here’s his reply: @Tsahia it was ted gibson fix it gel and ted gibson tame it shine lotion xo. I’ve not tried his products before, but watching him style & considering that they are SALON quality products. I’d definitely be willing to give it a try. I found the Tame It Shine Lotion @ Target:

Tame it.. That's the truth :-p

I think I’m going to head to Target this afternoon & check it out & at least smell it! LOL However, I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t smell terrific. Oh gosh, I’m thinking about everything I need from Target… lens solution.. lotion.. soap… I wish coconut oil was @ Target…. maybe in another life … or when (not if) they decide to expand their organics.

Another product, I’m thinking of trying is Scalpicin. Sometimes when you have an afro or weave (as I have now) your head can get hot–>sweat –> ultimately itching. So perhaps in between washes a couple of drops of this will work. Then there’s always tea tree oil… I’ll let you know what I find!

Interesting product find…

So in my google search for the purest & best tea tree oil… I decided to try the Kiehl’s site. I love the Kiehl’s cream deodorant– unscented, doesn’t flake & crumble & best of all does NOT rub off on your clothes. Leaving that nasty white mark. Gives protection all day. I learned about this from my cousin Deanna in Copenhagen! The best that I've tried!

This extra-strength conditioning rinse with added coconut does interest me. You can get a sample from the website

Worth a try

Well… I’m going to keep searching for my tea tree oil…