My follow up…

I haven’t written forever :-/ I know, I’ve been on twitter!! You can find me there I’ve also been working like a mad woman on my t-shirt & gift company: The Brand Never Dies which you can find @ When that first started, with my cousin & bff we had some ambition… but really we just wanted to sell t-shirts & be in business for ourselves.

Well, life happened, we got separated & jobs & school & marriage etc. However, we’ve found a way this year to totally reconnect & we’re busier than ever!! What means the most to me is that we are able to put our creative talents to good use & inspire (or sometimes humor) people 🙂 Now working on getting a photo shoot together so that folks can get a more personal idea of what the products look like (I mean you will be able to almost feel it!).

I’m totally psyched about having probably the largest selection of natural hair apparel & everyday we are working to create new designs for natural hair lovers. I got a great response @ Jamaica Impact’s Fashion 4 Charity show @ Promenade in NYC with my green “I heart natural women, they stay off the creamy crack” LOL I always giggle no matter how many times I hear that!

Soooo I have to say that although I’ve put the my blog on hold for a little bit, I’ve enjoyed all the natural kinky curly hair chat on twitter. Twitter is great b/c I’ve found and purchased prods from natural hair girls!! What’s better that that?

Here’s a picture of me with my natural. To achieve this look: shampoo head&shoulders smoothing, giovanni’s organic conditioner, rinse –> comb through–> twist 8 sections & air dry until a bit damp. Next, blow dry sections. When dry, applied about 2 tsp of coconut oil all through hair, paddle brush through. Part hair down the middle, braid “down” (ex. from middle of head to top of ear). So that you look like an ol’ G (lol) leave in for couple hours, loosen out the braids, tease a little bit with fingers, I added a little bit of Sebastian laminates pomade for shine & I was ready to go!

What was in the cup?


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