LADY GAGA’s Epic New Video For “Telephone” to Debut Exclusively on E! News, Thursday 3/11 at 11:30pm

I for 1 can NOT wait!! to see this video! I’ve been playing Lady Gaga’s album all day and all night… never getting tired of the few select songs that I love. My favorite is “Paper Gangster” .. I just love it! The video will make its online debut at midnight that evening on VEVO.comand

Now Lady Gaga does not have anything to do with natural black kinky hair– as such– but at the same time she reminds me of Whoopi (she needs a separate post) b/c of her confidence & her FU attitude. You love me, You hate me but I’m smart sexy talented and going to let the world know it. Alive or Dead!

Lady Gaga will consistently out-do herself & many artists to come. Her voice is beautiful & her style wacky at time, even a little freaky (enter Bad Romance video) but I love her music & can’t wait to see this video. I can’t put this album down!

“Telephone (The Remixes)” is available now on iTunes:

Connect with Lady Gaga
The Fame Monster – Out now!
Streamline/KonLive/Cherrytree/Interscope Records

Beyonce will be in the video too … but this one is really not about Bey this time…


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