Ted Gibson

Mr. Gibson was kind enough on twitter to share with me the name of the products he uses on curly hair. I’ve watched him style curly hair on TLC’s What Not To Wear & he is fabulous at taming curly hair. That’s ANY kind of curly hair. I asked him what he used on twitter & he was gracious enough to reply… (I feel like sometimes you never know) but perhaps his persona is just as kind in real life as it is on TV.

So here’s his reply: @Tsahia it was ted gibson fix it gel and ted gibson tame it shine lotion xo. I’ve not tried his products before, but watching him style & considering that they are SALON quality products. I’d definitely be willing to give it a try. I found the Tame It Shine Lotion @ Target:

Tame it.. That's the truth :-p

I think I’m going to head to Target this afternoon & check it out & at least smell it! LOL However, I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t smell terrific. Oh gosh, I’m thinking about everything I need from Target… lens solution.. lotion.. soap… I wish coconut oil was @ Target…. maybe in another life … or when (not if) they decide to expand their organics.

Another product, I’m thinking of trying is Scalpicin. Sometimes when you have an afro or weave (as I have now) your head can get hot–>sweat –> ultimately itching. So perhaps in between washes a couple of drops of this will work. Then there’s always tea tree oil… I’ll let you know what I find!


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