“Not everything works for everyone”

“Not everything works for everyone & I don’t want to hear about what your girlfriend uses,” Joel… my new hair dresser @ G’s Urban Hairstyles an Aveda salon in Brooklyn. We had a great chat as he gave the best wash I’ve ever had. I’m rockin a full head weave right now & if you’ve ever had one … you know the benefits of someone with firm hands massaging your head. I’m just over the tightness & the instant face lift is fading. Luckily for me, I still have a ton of collagen & firmness left in my skin (& my vitamins don’t hurt either… neither does my sleeping habit-I’ve been sleeping a ton more)

Anyway, what he said was SO simple but made so much sense! This is why I’m NOT a product junkie! I’ve said from Day 1 that I would not spend my time and money trying inferior products. I give it to the other ladies out there who are on a quest to find that perfect product. However, I like to go with products that are quality & you know will do something for you b/c the ingredients are superior. Some of that beauty shop crap is nothing more than corn oil :-/

Joel also made the point that so many of his clients come to him & say “oh it worked for my girlfriend…” He says that he quickly cuts them off! Why? Because just because something works on her hair does not mean that it will work well on your hair! My sister, has a wavier thicker head of hair & we both use Paul Mitchell products but she can usually get away with something like Slick Works- just a shine serum, whereas I have to use Wax Works for extra hold b/c my hair is kinkier & will frizz quickly.

So in your quest for the perfect products, remember that not everything works for everyone & yes sometimes you can listen to your girlfriend– but also pay attention to your girlfriend’s hair. Is it like yours? Is it healthy? What’s her real regimen? If you do listen to your girlfriend, listen to the one with healthy hair but still be an independent thinker.


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