Golf shirts, Leggings & Converse Jack Purcell Distressed Sneakers

So, I’m all ready for spring & I’ve been slowly updating my work wardrobe. During the day, I work for a prestigious medical center, but at night and on weekends I work on my blog & t-shirt website It’s a great love of mine to express my creativity and design products for many different interests and people.

I think every summer, I change up my style- my hair, make up, clothes– There are definitely pieces of clothing that I’ve hung on to for years, b/c they will never go out of style & I’ve got lots of love for them. Well on my site, I’m able to create designs and people can choose different tees, apparel & awesome gifts. Most importantly, there are a ton of eco friendly products to choose from… there are organic tees for men, women & children. Also, there are SIGG eco-friendly water bottles for on the go folks & ceramic travel mugs for coffee & tea (I love my coffee mmm).

Well back to the original point about changing up my style for the summer. I’m going with a slightly preppy look of golf shirts (and you’ve got to pop your collar –adds a lil pizzazz), leggings, hair bows & Converse sneakers. Totally relaxed, cute & well put together. Well here are some of my picks for the summer:

Simple, cute details


Anthropologie basic black leggings

Love these!


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