Fine line between “defined curls” & “jheri curls”

Ok so this is something that I thought of and chuckled to myself around midnight last night. There are some products out there, particularly the nasty oily thick ones that make natural hair look like some kind of bad jheri curl experiment :-/ #nocookies (if you follow me on Twitter you will understand what I mean by #cookies & #nocookies)

To compound the matter, some women with “natural hair” have straightened it so much that when it’s worn curly- it kind of looks like a frizzy hot mess. Then with the product on top of the frizzy hot mess, it looks like the jheri curl gone horribly wrong. At least the jheri curls are consistent. Yikes!

So, just make sure that when you are defining your curl or a product says that it can define curl that’s what it’s doing.

My tips for a defined curl: Start with wet hair, I like when I first come out of the shower or from washing my hair. Add a product like a coconut oil plus a tip of pomade (I’m a Paul Mitchell Straight Works fan) rub together in hands & rub in hair. Rub all over hair, comb out. Take some hair strands from the root, rub product through or you can do this in smaller sections with a tail comb. Then, just twirl some sections of the hair and VOILA! You’re done go play. You can use a diffuser for faster drying.

But please don’t put crap in your hair. Think of it this way, if you wouldn’t put it directly on your skin especially your face Do NOT put it in your HAIR!


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