Taking back black businesses one head at a time…

I came across this great article on blackenterprise.com “Doing Business in South Africa: Taking Ethnic Haircare Back” and it’s the story of Mary Harris who is “flipping the script on black hair.” This is awesome because here in the US we do not own a majority of the products created for our hair. Whether you have natural or chemically treated hair, I’m talking about both. Everything from the pomade, the shampoos, conditioners, weaves, etc we barely own anything. However, thanks to social media we are allowed to meet new friends #naturalhair (shout out!) and purchase homemade products from one another.

These products generally are like farm grown products, much better for our body, minds and pockets. Thanks to the #naturalhair tag, I’ve also been able to purchase homemade products (earrings love love love) 2 of my favorite shops: KSquire Designs & Peace Images both on etsy.

Okkk so back to the Black Enterprise article, I think that it’s awesome that Ms. Harris is focusing on “black financial empowerment” with an emphasis of circulating money back into our communities. Her market South Africa. But, when it comes to black hair, the market is everywhere. Oftentimes, we are left with inferior products & as vendors or purchasers we need to start making the decision to support QUALITY products & products made by us. Although, a company like PM is not black owned, he does make quality products & I will not support black businesses if I have to put crap into my hair.

Check out the article… toodles … it’s LUNCH time 🙂 I’ve not eaten meat for 2 days. I’m working toward an 80% veg and 20% meat lifestyle right now … Hey maybe it’ll do wonders for my hair, you never know. :-]


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