TI’s Akoo ad goes too far!

I’m late on this one. However, I just can’t go without talking about it–not too much anyway. Newark, NJ just went it’s first month without ANY murders. I’ve never seen or heard of a mayor work as hard as Cory Booker. You want to know what he’s doing, turn on the tv.. hell follow him on Twitter.

Understandably, sex sells in America. However, is your clothing line that LAME that you would post a billboard with a black woman about to perform oral sex in the middle of Newark, NJ? I mean really, you can have about 10 brain cells to see the MANY problems and implications of such an ad. This truly is disgusting, unnecessary & evil.

The last thing black people need is ANOTHER black person pushing over sexed, women are only good for one thing, exploitative publications. These people never want their daughters or wives to be looked upon is such a distasteful way–however it’s ok to exploit someone else? This is why beyond NOT looking to some of these people as “role models” I just can NOT respect them.

When do we say enough is enough? STOP exploiting us! I don’t care if you’re black too, that just makes it worse!! The sign should be soon removed, if it has not been already– I will not buy any of TI’s clothing & make sure friends and family know about it. As with any capitalist–he has to be ready for the glory & for the pain. I thought he was on the right track, with his community work before going to jail– idk now.


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