Ok it’s November :-)

I’m shamed to see that I’ve not posted all this time!! Nothing much exciting was happening with my natural hair to tell the truth. For the summer, I used 1/2 wigs as a protective style. But I’m b(l)ack! I’m Oriental Black by Bigen. At first I thought to get some highlights, but really didn’t want to put bleach to strip my hair. Although, I have a fantastic stylist whom I trust with my life– no highlights for me right now. But I’ll probably be begging him for some in the summer … who knows how that will work.

So here’s my twist out. First, I washed with Head&Shoulders shampoo+conditioner.
Second, After rinsing all the Head&Shoulders out. I mixed 3 (yes 3!!) Bigen Oriental black powders together. Because I couldn’t find my hair/painters brush, a tail comb was it’s replacement.

Third, I started to apply the Bigen to my hair, left it in for 40 minutes. Start to finish; not apply to whole head & then wait 40 minutes.

Lastly, rinsed out & combed through.

I used DooGro leave in spray conditioner + Motions Shine Enhancing pomade for about 15 twists.

See the results!

This is the blackest black & exactly what I was looking for!

It's hard to capture with my bberry phone, but I hope you get the idea 🙂

Ok so there's the full head of twist outs after Motions Shine Enhancing pomade & Doo Gro leave-in conditioner

Here's a side view, again with my bberry phone


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