Natural Hair Expose

Funny story, the other day I was blogging on this very story on my Blackberry– until whoops!! The damn thing shut it self off … There I sat on the train with my mouth open, as the man across stared at me as if to say, “wow whatever happened, was really messed up.” So here I am again… let’s try this again on my Mac book Pro.

Basically, I was just thinking how liberating natural hair is. I applaud the women who have left weaves natural and synthetic for the embrace of their short kinky coily hair. Something about the BC forces a woman to consider all aspects of her well being. Wrinkles are more visible. Acne is definitely more visible. Dark under eye circles are more visible. Your face is totally exposed, your neck, chin, collar bone, chest — it’s all facing the world. There is no synthetic bang to hide yourself from the world.

Somehow we walk a little taller, speak a little clearer, engage a little more, floss a more, wear a tad more mascara — only to give a little more presence to our bare eyes. We have to be that much stronger, fighting colleagues not to grab our hair yet educating them on why our hair has 3 phases. There’s the wash n go kinky coily, the 2 strand twist out that’s smoother and longer, finally the press– omg how did you get your hair so straight??

Through this journey, I’ve been frustrated fighting with my hair some mornings b/c it just can’t seem to lay right and then I just add 2 sprays of water a rub of olive oil and walk out! My hair defeats me lol but all in all I wear my hair as a tribute to my mom who passed away in 1998. She never permed or pressed her hair a day in her life. I wear my hair as tribute to her, her spirit, her blackness, her fearlessness to defy conventional definitions of what a black woman should be or should look like in my hometown of Des Moines, Iowa.

She was truly fearless & I can only try everyday to live that way. Unafraid of what people think of this afro on my head. It’s just hair. This short blurb is dedicated to my fearless sisters out there — unafraid, never settling for the norm, challenging the mainstream, sticking to their guns. I ❤ you!

I blow dried my hair, used a touch of coconut oil, then a "french braid" aka "cornrow" out & let the wind breeze through my hair.



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