Quest for the 4 Perfect & Affordable Bags

One of my 2011 epiphany’s was “I hate pleather” Truly, pleather is kind of like a mystery meat. It’s sort of like eating Spam or Vienna Sausages when you could have skirt steak. The memories, the calories, the awful taste & wondering when will this mystery meat ever leave my system — perhaps 2022? iick. Well pleather is like that, totally unpredictable and something that I’ve become very averse to.

Well, my budget is not Chanel nor Dior — not any purse over $600. However, I still think you can get great value, luxury and style w/o spending next month’s NYC rent on one single purse. So here are my picks that I’ve lusted over and some even splurged on. I’ve narrowed my lust down to 2 brands Marc by Marc Jacobs and Rebecca Minkoff. These are all available at either Saks or Nieman.

1st Purchase in "Dirty Martini"

A shapely silhouette crafted in softly, textured leather has a crossbody strap and a sturdy top handle.

A fresh take on color, this bold and spacious design is crafted in buttery soft leather with an imposing goldtone turnlock.

Colorblocked ostrich adds exotic texture that's brought out by brilliant golden hardware.


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