Travel Destinations 2011 Bangkok, Paris, Kingston

Coming from Iowa to New York was already a big deal for me. I never realized how much travel outside of the country would change my life. I’ve already gotten a few stamps on my passport — Mexico, Denmark, Jamaica and I’m looking forward to filling it up by 2015. They say, better late than never. I suppose I’m getting the opportunity to travel, because this is just the right time in my life. The time when I have the most but balanced obligations — the time when I can uberappreciate a vacation, days and days away from work– totally appreciating being on the other side of the world.

Sure, we American workers get punished when we take vacations, b/c we have to come back. We come back to a collapsing office (esp. if you work in Administration like I do), mounds of emails, bbm’s (which I don’t care to check either while away), conference calls, meetings and so on and so forth. The best thing about coming back is that for a short time you are still in vacation mode and you can still take your time slowly to complete tasks. There’s no more (I’m almost going to have an anxiety attack) forced response to so-called crises that will get fixed one way or another.

In 2011 I’m destination Paris, Jamaica & Thailand — Copenhagen if I’m lucky. This will be my first time to Paris & to Thailand. I just can’t wait to see the sights, taste the food, speak drunken (but perfect) French to the locals, sip coffee and take elephant rides — oh and the Thai massages, DEFINITE can’t wait!

In Paris, I’m really looking forward to the shopping and just the sheer enjoyment of fulfilling a dream that has been years in the making. I’ve had this special obsession with Paris for a few years now and I’m taking an empty suitcase so that it can be filled with little trinkets & souvenirs from the flea market. Also, I’m looking for a classic French beret, leather heels, and a few great dresses & baubles. How could I forget? I MUST take a trip on their train & then compare it to this MTA service that we have here in NYC. I hope to remember to write up a full report — who knows, I may not want to return!

My home will always be in Jamaica & I’m looking forward to white sands, red snapper, festival, reggae music and Devon’s House ice cream (the best!).


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