The Mac App Store is now open!

I’ve always been kind of jealous of the way iphone users were so in love with their phone — why? Because, I’d been stuck with a Blackberry and a Dell! I have to tell you that in 2010 I made the huge leap and chucked my old problematic, virus run, battery failing, non support service — unless you’d like to be routed to India, Dell computer. I hated it. I also hated the blackberry that I’d had. You know, the silver one that didn’t have a camera (who makes a phone w/o a camera??). But that was my fault because I should have checked, I mean I never really realized that it didn’t have one, until I wanted to use it. So I upgraded to the Storm, better camera, hard to type, hard to use, bulky and few apps. What’s really sad is that Windows still comes with the same “PAINT” (you can’t even crop in PAINT) that it came with about 10 years ago… So in the scheme of things PAINT or PIXELMATOR? Is there really a decision to make?

Well, once I started talking about owning a Macbook Pro, I was shocked to find out how many friends and colleagues owned one too. They also hated PC’s but most were forced to use them at work. I still stuck to my blackberry — but dropped my Verizon contract and headed over to Sprint (way better service & price) to get the Blackberry Bold. There’s something great about having a key pad.

Anyway, I still have my ipod but always wanted to put apps on it. Well Hallelujah apps are here for Mac!! I’m totally excited. You can get great apps for your Mac with the touch of a button in the iTunes store. They’ll be easy to install and transferable from Mac to Mac. Which is great, unlike movie rentals — you have to watch on the computer you downloaded it from or the iPod or iPhone you downloaded it to. It’s not Apple’s fault.

I’m really looking forward to the image & artistic apps to see how they compare to Photoshop 5 — that I’ve been working with.


Stunning Images Made Simple

Sketchbook Pro

There's an artist in everyone.


You have a beautiful way with words.


Crowd Pleaser

iMovie ’11

Starring Hollywood-style movie trailers.

The captions are Apple’s very own. Apple really gives you the power to create exactly what’s in your imagination & make life & memories that much more vibrant and fun!

Happy Creating!


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