“So Do Natural Hair Girls Get Hit On?”

That was the question asked by a single black male and then it was discussed by natural hair girls around America. I even posted the question to a few friends of mine on Facebook and we came up with this. One of my girls (lying) said that she doesn’t get hit on anymore LOL Lies!! She recently went back to wearing her curly hair, but she’s been natural like forever. The consensus is really that our audience tends to be more diverse when we wear our natural hair. IMO (b/c I don’t want to misquote anyone 🙂 its like asking the question, do I get hit on more when I look like a bum? Yes. Why? It’s because you’re more approachable, when you look too high-maintenance men tend to be more intimidated and look the other way.

Honestly, what seems to make a difference is my mood. If I’m in a happy light hearted mood, I am approached easily. However, if I’m projecting a negative angry (grr) energy, I don’t get approached. People can sense energy. Even though the article is true, you would never expect anything less from Jill Scott, India Irie, NEW! Chrisette Michelle, Corrine Bailey Rae etc to sing anything else but honest, empowering music that touches you in an emotional feel good way. You also don’t see them stripped down to their panties, bent over touching their ankles….. in their videos. But you also don’t see every weave wearing, permed hair black woman performing a strip show on tv.

Natural hair women have a lot to face when it comes to acceptance from others. Some people can’t appreciate it, don’t understand it, don’t want it — but that doesn’t matter. The ONLY thing that matters is how you feel about yourself. If a guy is going to go for the “easy win” as the author suggests — you don’t want his tired ass anyway! Who wants a lame?! Who wants a guy who will settle for 2nd best? If he settles for 2nd best in his womanen he will most certainly settle in many other ways in his life.

Being natural is also like a 2nd enlightenment and it’s true many of us have made a distinct truthful choice to really start appreciating ourselves for who we are. At the end of the day sometimes, it’s just hair, damn! But it’s really true, we are sometimes a more militant & enlightened group & we don’t & won’t play that foolery. We know that money isn’t everything and it surely can’t buy you love. We expect you to go hard or go home. We know what we want, we go for it, and we get it!

Click for a link to the article.


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