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Yoga stimulates hair growth

…. or at the very least yoga helps to prevent hair loss. Stress can wreak havoc on your hair. It can not only STOP your hair growth but it can also make your hair fall out!

According to Mayo Clinic psychiatrist
Daniel K. Hall-Flavin, M.D.
there are 3 types of hair loss that are associated with high stress levels:

* Alopecia areata. A variety of factors are thought to cause alopecia areata, possibly including severe stress. With alopecia areata, white blood cells attack the hair follicle, stopping hair growth and making hair fall out.
* Telogen effluvium. In this condition, emotional or physical stress pushes large numbers of growing hairs into a resting phase. Within a few months, the affected hairs may fall out suddenly when simply combing or washing your hair.
* Trichotillomania. Trichotillomania (trik-oh-til-oh-MAY-nee-uh) is an irresistible urge to pull out hair from your scalp, eyebrows or other areas of your body. Hair pulling can be a way of dealing with negative or uncomfortable feelings, such as stress, anxiety, tension, loneliness, fatigue or frustration.

Always assess your stress levels, not just for your hair but for your heart and mental health. When in doubt, exercise.

Yoga, is an exercise that I’ve always incorporated into my regimen. It requires intense mental and physical strength (beginners don’t fret, just take your time!). You are literally forced to focus on the moment right now. Nothing else matters except following the breath and counting down the time until you get out of the downward dog pose! I love how yoga begins with a physically intense set of poses and then slows down into a meditative cool down relaxation.

Afterward a session of yoga, I’m calm and relaxed — I actually sleep better!

Yoga can help you overcome stress, anxiety, and poor blood circulation in the head. These are all issues that contribute to hair loss. Remember that stress and hair loss don’t have to be permanent. If you make the effort to get your stress under control, your hair may grow back. However, if you are eating better, less stressed and exercising but don’t notice your normal hair growth — it is probably time to see your doctor.

There are many products on the market that claim to “grow hair” but most of these don’t work! I’ve NEVER found a topical product to “grow hair.” IMO the only way to have a healthy head of hair is through a healthy diet, exercise and a vitamin supplement.

My favorite yoga guru is Steve Ross on INHALE Yoga on Oxygen. You can get a preview of his class here


“Not everything works for everyone”

“Not everything works for everyone & I don’t want to hear about what your girlfriend uses,” Joel… my new hair dresser @ G’s Urban Hairstyles an Aveda salon in Brooklyn. We had a great chat as he gave the best wash I’ve ever had. I’m rockin a full head weave right now & if you’ve ever had one … you know the benefits of someone with firm hands massaging your head. I’m just over the tightness & the instant face lift is fading. Luckily for me, I still have a ton of collagen & firmness left in my skin (& my vitamins don’t hurt either… neither does my sleeping habit-I’ve been sleeping a ton more)

Anyway, what he said was SO simple but made so much sense! This is why I’m NOT a product junkie! I’ve said from Day 1 that I would not spend my time and money trying inferior products. I give it to the other ladies out there who are on a quest to find that perfect product. However, I like to go with products that are quality & you know will do something for you b/c the ingredients are superior. Some of that beauty shop crap is nothing more than corn oil :-/

Joel also made the point that so many of his clients come to him & say “oh it worked for my girlfriend…” He says that he quickly cuts them off! Why? Because just because something works on her hair does not mean that it will work well on your hair! My sister, has a wavier thicker head of hair & we both use Paul Mitchell products but she can usually get away with something like Slick Works- just a shine serum, whereas I have to use Wax Works for extra hold b/c my hair is kinkier & will frizz quickly.

So in your quest for the perfect products, remember that not everything works for everyone & yes sometimes you can listen to your girlfriend– but also pay attention to your girlfriend’s hair. Is it like yours? Is it healthy? What’s her real regimen? If you do listen to your girlfriend, listen to the one with healthy hair but still be an independent thinker.

Ted Gibson

Mr. Gibson was kind enough on twitter to share with me the name of the products he uses on curly hair. I’ve watched him style curly hair on TLC’s What Not To Wear & he is fabulous at taming curly hair. That’s ANY kind of curly hair. I asked him what he used on twitter & he was gracious enough to reply… (I feel like sometimes you never know) but perhaps his persona is just as kind in real life as it is on TV.

So here’s his reply: @Tsahia it was ted gibson fix it gel and ted gibson tame it shine lotion xo. I’ve not tried his products before, but watching him style & considering that they are SALON quality products. I’d definitely be willing to give it a try. I found the Tame It Shine Lotion @ Target:

Tame it.. That's the truth :-p

I think I’m going to head to Target this afternoon & check it out & at least smell it! LOL However, I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t smell terrific. Oh gosh, I’m thinking about everything I need from Target… lens solution.. lotion.. soap… I wish coconut oil was @ Target…. maybe in another life … or when (not if) they decide to expand their organics.

Another product, I’m thinking of trying is Scalpicin. Sometimes when you have an afro or weave (as I have now) your head can get hot–>sweat –> ultimately itching. So perhaps in between washes a couple of drops of this will work. Then there’s always tea tree oil… I’ll let you know what I find!

My follow up…

I haven’t written forever :-/ I know, I’ve been on twitter!! You can find me there I’ve also been working like a mad woman on my t-shirt & gift company: The Brand Never Dies which you can find @ When that first started, with my cousin & bff we had some ambition… but really we just wanted to sell t-shirts & be in business for ourselves.

Well, life happened, we got separated & jobs & school & marriage etc. However, we’ve found a way this year to totally reconnect & we’re busier than ever!! What means the most to me is that we are able to put our creative talents to good use & inspire (or sometimes humor) people 🙂 Now working on getting a photo shoot together so that folks can get a more personal idea of what the products look like (I mean you will be able to almost feel it!).

I’m totally psyched about having probably the largest selection of natural hair apparel & everyday we are working to create new designs for natural hair lovers. I got a great response @ Jamaica Impact’s Fashion 4 Charity show @ Promenade in NYC with my green “I heart natural women, they stay off the creamy crack” LOL I always giggle no matter how many times I hear that!

Soooo I have to say that although I’ve put the my blog on hold for a little bit, I’ve enjoyed all the natural kinky curly hair chat on twitter. Twitter is great b/c I’ve found and purchased prods from natural hair girls!! What’s better that that?

Here’s a picture of me with my natural. To achieve this look: shampoo head&shoulders smoothing, giovanni’s organic conditioner, rinse –> comb through–> twist 8 sections & air dry until a bit damp. Next, blow dry sections. When dry, applied about 2 tsp of coconut oil all through hair, paddle brush through. Part hair down the middle, braid “down” (ex. from middle of head to top of ear). So that you look like an ol’ G (lol) leave in for couple hours, loosen out the braids, tease a little bit with fingers, I added a little bit of Sebastian laminates pomade for shine & I was ready to go!

What was in the cup?

RusticBeauty On Youtube Read My Mind!

I LOVE her rant. I spoke about this before mineral oil, petroleum– this is crap for your hair & skin! Many of these products that we see around the corner in our neighborhoods are CRAP. I’d rather go and get Paul Mitchell (Straight Works pomade is FABULOUS even on natural hair) or Aveda or Sebastian, b/c these products have quality ingredients & ’nuff time was spent in the laboratory perfecting these formulas.

Also, I talk about the importance of your DIET, WATER intake & VITAMINS for hair growth. The ONLY over the counter product approved & proven to “grow hair” is Rogaine. Period. I’ve always used GNC Ultra Mega Women’s Vitamin supplement in combination with diet (and random exercise lol) which will enable me to be the healthiest that I can be.

Always look for quality products like organic extra virgin coconut oil (which will shine up ya body too :-D). Yes, at times it’s more expensive but you usually have to use less. Remember that just b/c it’s a “black” product doesn’t mean that it’s any better for you than Crisco! Don’t be fooled. If you love organic as I do there are plenty of brands out there that work wonders. I wrote about Karen’s Body Beautiful (not tried yet but its all organic) today, for example. Don’t make mediocre stylists recommend mediocre crap to you either 🙂


The Rub & Go Style

This morning, I didn’t know what to do or what to use on my hair 🙂 It was just one of those moments. I fell asleep last night with my hair in an afro… it still has some of the curly/wavy segments in there leftover from the plaits I did & then let loose.

What’s a girl to do? I rummaged enough and found a little container of coconut oil. The only style that I could manage is the “rub & go” that’s when you apply a little water to the hair, rub together a spot of oil/product in your hands and rub rub rub it in your hair. The key is rubbing in a circular motion which brings out the curls more. Then stretch out the sections just a little bit to get a fairly even but tousled look.

The coconut oil smells great– but a few hours after, I can still smell it. I’m not a fan of products with a heavy smell. It’s not a strong smell but it’s just noticeable. I’ll have to google to find an unscented or lightly scented coconut oil product. My style was effortless, looks great, feels soft and is getting me through the day! That’s all I need 🙂

Lace Front Wigs

I love my hair. But, sometimes, I just want to tuck it away to never never land. No twisting, no plaiting, no cornrows at night. Some nights I just want to put it up in a pony tail, throw a silk scarf on and call it a night. Is this so wrong? Let’s be honest, natural hair is high maintenance. At least, IMHO if you want it to hold a certain style. Even with twists, I find myself in the mirror retwisting and pinning and oiling etc.

So the other night, I was online looking for something to do to my hair where I could keep it protected. I also didn’t want to do a full head weave, my hair won’t keep a pony tail & braids are cool but looking for something different this time around.

I’ve never worn a wig, well– once I had a blue wig for a party… Anyway, I said let me check out lace front wigs