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UGG Australia Celebrates Diversity?

I was exchanging emails with a friend of mine today and he mentioned that he recently bought a pair of UGG’s. What?? Do they make UGG’s for men now? Since when? I had to investigate… Well, my UGGs are atrocious and between my atrocity (aka snow boots) & our conversation — I went to the UGG website and behold this natural beauty!

Here is a picture of the young lady from the UGG website.

This really came as a surprise to me because UGG is an Australian company and Australia doesn’t have the best reputation for celebrating diversity. However, the country has made some improvements by electing Aboriginal people to its Parliament and recognizing the injustices done to the native Aboriginal people. An UGG ad, does not compare to an Aboriginal person being elected to the Australian Parliament — however, it does say that the company is attempting to be diverse and inclusive. I hope that the country will continue to move toward racial equity — Media and advertising are definite steps.


Extra 25% off SALE at KATE SPADE

There are a few cute things that you can pick up from her site. The sale ends January 17th. However, I’m waiting for the Emerald Isle Kollete Skirt and the Polka Dot Jillian Dress to go on sale 🙂

Final Reductions, Extra 20% off Net-A-Porter

Net-A-Porter has just reduced its sale prices even further. There’s some really amazing stuff in there like this Louis Mariette Kirsten crystal-embellished hairband or if you haven’t gotten your first pair of Christian Louboutin’s the Elisa 100 patent-leather pumps were $625 and are now $350. This Kimberly Ovitz quincy ribbed dress in Taupe is amazingly sexy was $570 and it’s not $136.80.

Happy Shopping!


So here are a few sales & what not to get you going. Really, you should never never never ever pay retail — UNLESS it just something that you know is not going to go on sale and/or it’s fine craftsmanship. Sometimes we must pay a premium for superb quality. BUT even Jimmy Choo has sales!!

This company is part of the Gap, Banana Republic, Althea brand. They offer really awesome products in a wide range of prices. Also, I do love that Rachel Zoe is part of the company and offers her style picks on a regular basis.

There are a ton of items right now to pick from, that I just can’t even really concentrate– but maybe it’s that sweater or those skinny jeans? Why not get an EXTRA 20% off? The sale lasts 4 whole days!! That’s pretty cool! This could be a good time for some accessory shopping 🙂

Shoes, Bags, Accessories — Rachel Zoe’s picks

The Mac App Store is now open!

I’ve always been kind of jealous of the way iphone users were so in love with their phone — why? Because, I’d been stuck with a Blackberry and a Dell! I have to tell you that in 2010 I made the huge leap and chucked my old problematic, virus run, battery failing, non support service — unless you’d like to be routed to India, Dell computer. I hated it. I also hated the blackberry that I’d had. You know, the silver one that didn’t have a camera (who makes a phone w/o a camera??). But that was my fault because I should have checked, I mean I never really realized that it didn’t have one, until I wanted to use it. So I upgraded to the Storm, better camera, hard to type, hard to use, bulky and few apps. What’s really sad is that Windows still comes with the same “PAINT” (you can’t even crop in PAINT) that it came with about 10 years ago… So in the scheme of things PAINT or PIXELMATOR? Is there really a decision to make?

Well, once I started talking about owning a Macbook Pro, I was shocked to find out how many friends and colleagues owned one too. They also hated PC’s but most were forced to use them at work. I still stuck to my blackberry — but dropped my Verizon contract and headed over to Sprint (way better service & price) to get the Blackberry Bold. There’s something great about having a key pad.

Anyway, I still have my ipod but always wanted to put apps on it. Well Hallelujah apps are here for Mac!! I’m totally excited. You can get great apps for your Mac with the touch of a button in the iTunes store. They’ll be easy to install and transferable from Mac to Mac. Which is great, unlike movie rentals — you have to watch on the computer you downloaded it from or the iPod or iPhone you downloaded it to. It’s not Apple’s fault.

I’m really looking forward to the image & artistic apps to see how they compare to Photoshop 5 — that I’ve been working with.


Stunning Images Made Simple

Sketchbook Pro

There's an artist in everyone.


You have a beautiful way with words.


Crowd Pleaser

iMovie ’11

Starring Hollywood-style movie trailers.

The captions are Apple’s very own. Apple really gives you the power to create exactly what’s in your imagination & make life & memories that much more vibrant and fun!

Happy Creating!

Hair Rules *twisted eye*

I subscribe to emails from and that’s how I heard about the product, Hair Rules. I thought I could step away from the blog for a moment 🙂 not that I’d want to … but I had to report on this (hopefully) great new product line.

Remember I said that I’m NOT a product junkie. No matter what do NOT expect me to buy & try every product out there for natural hair! Some products are really just crappy, sort of like high fructose corn syrup or casein (milk protein)— it’s just BAD for you!

In the emails from I’m provided with lots of information that I can actually use, just like this great event which is offering $10 manis. I am kind of loving their site b/c it’s upcoming & and has not gotten saturated with all the bullsh*t gossip and foolery that other sites like to dish.

Anyway, I’m excited to see this set of products created for curly, wavy & kinky hair. The Hair Rules event is Sunday, April 11, 2010 from 3-6pm in Brooklyn @, which I might add has a fabulous website and *looking for spa* OH SNAP! I may have to make an appointment for a spa visit (my neck has been realllllly tight lately) CURE beauty bar | 921 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238 | | (718) 622-7100 (there’s some info for you).

Well it will be interesting to see what Dickey, the stylist of Hair Rules has to say about Natural Hair. Could he perhaps give Miss Jessies a run for her money? He even has a video of how to apply the Hair Rules products… I think he might have a fighting chance. Awesome! That’s capitalism for you. I checked the portfolio & there’s a lot of great hair that has come from this salon. I’ll report more after the event & may even pay a visit to do my natural hair.

Moroccan Oil, the New Savior?

Well I don’t know about all that. I have heard & read great reviews, especially for the Moroccan Intense Hydrating Mask Buy from (guaranteed authentic) Joel (yes we talked all day Sunday while he did my hair) said that it’s really for people with VERY damaged hair. Also, because it is pricey @ $35 a jar for this stuff, you can take a little bit and mix with your favorite conditioner.

But if your hair is hydrated & healthy you really don’t need to spend your money on this products. This could be a good buy for the winter, since many of us natural hair girls, experience more frizz & dryness during this brutal season.

However, remember to take care of inside with a supplement, enough water & a healthy diet (including exercise!) and your hair will love you back. Healthy hair will also hold your style better & remember to get your hair trimmed when you need it.

haha love your hair & your hair will love you back!