Final Reductions, Extra 20% off Net-A-Porter

Net-A-Porter has just reduced its sale prices even further. There’s some really amazing stuff in there like this Louis Mariette Kirsten crystal-embellished hairband or if you haven’t gotten your first pair of Christian Louboutin’s the Elisa 100 patent-leather pumps were $625 and are now $350. This Kimberly Ovitz quincy ribbed dress in Taupe is amazingly sexy was $570 and it’s not $136.80.

Happy Shopping!



So here are a few sales & what not to get you going. Really, you should never never never ever pay retail — UNLESS it just something that you know is not going to go on sale and/or it’s fine craftsmanship. Sometimes we must pay a premium for superb quality. BUT even Jimmy Choo has sales!!

This company is part of the Gap, Banana Republic, Althea brand. They offer really awesome products in a wide range of prices. Also, I do love that Rachel Zoe is part of the company and offers her style picks on a regular basis.

There are a ton of items right now to pick from, that I just can’t even really concentrate– but maybe it’s that sweater or those skinny jeans? Why not get an EXTRA 20% off? The sale lasts 4 whole days!! That’s pretty cool! This could be a good time for some accessory shopping 🙂

Shoes, Bags, Accessories — Rachel Zoe’s picks

The Mac App Store is now open!

I’ve always been kind of jealous of the way iphone users were so in love with their phone — why? Because, I’d been stuck with a Blackberry and a Dell! I have to tell you that in 2010 I made the huge leap and chucked my old problematic, virus run, battery failing, non support service — unless you’d like to be routed to India, Dell computer. I hated it. I also hated the blackberry that I’d had. You know, the silver one that didn’t have a camera (who makes a phone w/o a camera??). But that was my fault because I should have checked, I mean I never really realized that it didn’t have one, until I wanted to use it. So I upgraded to the Storm, better camera, hard to type, hard to use, bulky and few apps. What’s really sad is that Windows still comes with the same “PAINT” (you can’t even crop in PAINT) that it came with about 10 years ago… So in the scheme of things PAINT or PIXELMATOR? Is there really a decision to make?

Well, once I started talking about owning a Macbook Pro, I was shocked to find out how many friends and colleagues owned one too. They also hated PC’s but most were forced to use them at work. I still stuck to my blackberry — but dropped my Verizon contract and headed over to Sprint (way better service & price) to get the Blackberry Bold. There’s something great about having a key pad.

Anyway, I still have my ipod but always wanted to put apps on it. Well Hallelujah apps are here for Mac!! I’m totally excited. You can get great apps for your Mac with the touch of a button in the iTunes store. They’ll be easy to install and transferable from Mac to Mac. Which is great, unlike movie rentals — you have to watch on the computer you downloaded it from or the iPod or iPhone you downloaded it to. It’s not Apple’s fault.

I’m really looking forward to the image & artistic apps to see how they compare to Photoshop 5 — that I’ve been working with.


Stunning Images Made Simple

Sketchbook Pro

There's an artist in everyone.


You have a beautiful way with words.


Crowd Pleaser

iMovie ’11

Starring Hollywood-style movie trailers.

The captions are Apple’s very own. Apple really gives you the power to create exactly what’s in your imagination & make life & memories that much more vibrant and fun!

Happy Creating!

Travel Destinations 2011 Bangkok, Paris, Kingston

Coming from Iowa to New York was already a big deal for me. I never realized how much travel outside of the country would change my life. I’ve already gotten a few stamps on my passport — Mexico, Denmark, Jamaica and I’m looking forward to filling it up by 2015. They say, better late than never. I suppose I’m getting the opportunity to travel, because this is just the right time in my life. The time when I have the most but balanced obligations — the time when I can uberappreciate a vacation, days and days away from work– totally appreciating being on the other side of the world.

Sure, we American workers get punished when we take vacations, b/c we have to come back. We come back to a collapsing office (esp. if you work in Administration like I do), mounds of emails, bbm’s (which I don’t care to check either while away), conference calls, meetings and so on and so forth. The best thing about coming back is that for a short time you are still in vacation mode and you can still take your time slowly to complete tasks. There’s no more (I’m almost going to have an anxiety attack) forced response to so-called crises that will get fixed one way or another.

In 2011 I’m destination Paris, Jamaica & Thailand — Copenhagen if I’m lucky. This will be my first time to Paris & to Thailand. I just can’t wait to see the sights, taste the food, speak drunken (but perfect) French to the locals, sip coffee and take elephant rides — oh and the Thai massages, DEFINITE can’t wait!

In Paris, I’m really looking forward to the shopping and just the sheer enjoyment of fulfilling a dream that has been years in the making. I’ve had this special obsession with Paris for a few years now and I’m taking an empty suitcase so that it can be filled with little trinkets & souvenirs from the flea market. Also, I’m looking for a classic French beret, leather heels, and a few great dresses & baubles. How could I forget? I MUST take a trip on their train & then compare it to this MTA service that we have here in NYC. I hope to remember to write up a full report — who knows, I may not want to return!

My home will always be in Jamaica & I’m looking forward to white sands, red snapper, festival, reggae music and Devon’s House ice cream (the best!).

Quest for the 4 Perfect & Affordable Bags

One of my 2011 epiphany’s was “I hate pleather” Truly, pleather is kind of like a mystery meat. It’s sort of like eating Spam or Vienna Sausages when you could have skirt steak. The memories, the calories, the awful taste & wondering when will this mystery meat ever leave my system — perhaps 2022? iick. Well pleather is like that, totally unpredictable and something that I’ve become very averse to.

Well, my budget is not Chanel nor Dior — not any purse over $600. However, I still think you can get great value, luxury and style w/o spending next month’s NYC rent on one single purse. So here are my picks that I’ve lusted over and some even splurged on. I’ve narrowed my lust down to 2 brands Marc by Marc Jacobs and Rebecca Minkoff. These are all available at either Saks or Nieman.

1st Purchase in "Dirty Martini"

A shapely silhouette crafted in softly, textured leather has a crossbody strap and a sturdy top handle.

A fresh take on color, this bold and spacious design is crafted in buttery soft leather with an imposing goldtone turnlock.

Colorblocked ostrich adds exotic texture that's brought out by brilliant golden hardware.

Tom Ford’s Spring Collection: Preview Video

So, I’ve fallen in love with Tom Ford. To make matters worse — or perhaps better for me, he’s released a first look at his spring collection. I’m Ooh’ing and Aah’ing over everything! I don’t understand how men always seem to know what’s best for us?

The collection is as diverse and vibrant as the models and his audience. As a natural hair woman, I’m always honored and flattered when I see a woman like me in a major ad campaign/collection. In this day an age with the internet, demographics research, algorithms, Facebook and other complicated marketing research tools — these designers KNOW that women and men of color are buying their fashions and IMO have no excuse to not represent us. So kudos to Tom Ford setting the standard and the stage for producing some of the world’s most magnificent clothing and featuring some of the most beautiful women.

The sis wearing the afro is Puerto Rican supermodel & superbeauty Joan Smalls. Smalls has also been signed to Estée Lauder (which is HUGE) and launches in their global advertising campaign in May 2011. Would this make you want more Estee Lauder?

Volunteer- Jamaica Impact

If you know me personally, you know that I am an activist at heart. I serve on the board of a NYC based 501(3)c non-profit called Jamaica Impact aka JAMPACT. We are having our annual Holiday Party on Wednesday, December 15th from 6pm to 11pm @ Negril Lounge in the West Village.

It is guaranteed to be a great time, with great networking & surprises. Donations are welcome! All proceeds go toward our Adopt-A-School program in Kingston, Jamaica!

Come and celebrate 2010 with us at Negril Lounge! Great food, drinks & entertainment 🙂