Monthly Archives: June 2010

Yes, I want to eat that.

Newman’s has always been a favorite brand of mine because of it’s natural ingredients and charitable giving. While in the cereal isle the other day, contemplating on which cereal had the least fat, sugar, salt — most fiber, whole grain, natural ingredients etc. (I mean this is just as painful as selecting a body wash –even though Dove & Burt’s Bees are my 2 favorites)

I was so surprised & happy to find cereal from Newman’s Own Vanilla Almond 🙂 Yay! I totally trust this company and immediately made my decision. There’s nothing to NOT love, there’s a ton of fiber, it’s low in sugar and calories — plus, it tastes terrrrrific! I just had a small bowl with unsweetened almond milk. The kicker– there is NO high fructose corn syrup! Even though, you may have seen the corn industry commercials trying to make HFS naysayers look stupid by presenting their friend to say .. “oh what, there’s nothing wrong with HFS–it’s fine in moderation & it’s made from corn.” :-/ *blank stare* *pass* NO thanks.. it’ll still give you cavities. It’s still processed food. It’s still BAD for you.

OK the only downside to this cereal is that it was expensive @ a little over $6.00 for a box 😦 yes– and it doesn’t have a lot of cereal in there. The bag is like 1/2 full. This just means that I savor it as the delicacy it is. Here’s a link to some coupons, even one for $1.00 off a box of Sweet Enough cereal