Texturizers, the Devil or Not?

I think texturizers are the devil if you have hair longer than 1 inch long on your head! Again, this is my personal experience. After a nicely put suggestion that I put up more pictures 🙂 here’s one 🙂 In the picture below, you can see the difference in my hair with and w/o the chemicals. Keep in mind that the full length of my hair is the same in both of these pictures. The one one the right was take a few months ago & my hair is a bit longer–but with natural there is always shrinkage anyway.

To this day, I regret putting a texturizer in my hair. Yes, it “loosened the curl” but it also made my hair break more. I remember days in the bathroom combing my hair and hearing *snap crackle pop* and seeing my hair all over the floor! It’s a wonder that I even HAD hair left!

I got a texturizer after my former stylist recommended it to me. In the back of my mind I knew she was lazy & really the process was more to make her job easier smh. Long story short, when I finally decided to get rid of the texturizer (after about 3 or 4 months)– I went to a salon and told the man please just give me a nice cut, I’m growing my hair out & want to get rid of as much damage & hair as possible. So, he gave me this fabulous bob… I loved it! This is style is a definite option if I cut my hair (or buy a wig!).

The last thing that I just couldn’t stand about the texturizer was that God Awful burning feeling that is JUST like a PERM! While my edges are on fire, I’m thinking “Isn’t this why I stopped perming in the 1st place??” That is my rant on texturizers. Can’t stand ’em; won’t do ’em; don’t want ’em.


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7 responses to “Texturizers, the Devil or Not?

  • Sexist Stay-at-home Dad



    Answer: You know, it doesn’t take a hair stylist to figure this out.

    • Akiko

      Hey thanks! I had a terrible experience with texturizers…granted I’m just one person. But I’d never do it again!

      • Dorothy Young

        I know what you mean, I put a Just for me Texturizer in my hair, I regret it so much. My hair is so dry and brittle when it dries. It’s ok when it’s wet.

      • Akiko

        Hi, yes I’m surprised I had any hair left over after the texturizer! After washing & detangling, my hair just came out like crazy. Then, if you can’t make the “touch up” appointments, you’re screwed. It’s the same as having a perm & missing the touch ups. The delicate point between the chemically treated & natural hair is very much prone to breaking. I’m sorry, I don’t have any tips at this time for upkeep of a texturizer, I’ll have to ask around. What are you using right now when dry? Have you tried coconut oil or perhaps a styling cream like the one from Hair Rules?

  • Dorothy

    What did you do while you transitioned back to natural?

    • Akiko

      I transitioned about 3 times 🙂 The first time, I just cut it off and wore a short afro. With this style, I just usually did a wet (spray damp) with some olive oil or Paul Mitchell. I’d rub my hair in a circular motion, do a little finger styling to bring out the curl & just go. The second time, I cut my hair into a short bob. I would either get a wash and press or roller set and blow out. Actually, if I still had permed hair, I’d go back to the bob–loved that style for me.

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